Friday, July 11, 2008

You, Shall, Not, Pass!

Happy Iphone day!!!! My actual money making job lol, is hocking these devices, and I anticipate that this blog shall be my release from saying, "no, sorry, we're sold out" all freaking day. The company i work for pays very handsomly, but sometimes I get those sudden urges to just scream at the top of my lungs, " I dont get paid enough to deal with this shit!"
Effin Cellphones....

Sorry for the Random Lord of the Rings quote, but I think its quite acceptable considering the bleakish news I've been passed along today.

There will be just two signings announced today. The third player, was.. (drumroll please) Nagy. The Nagy camp was about to accept Murrays offer of aprox 1.3 million, in the form of a one year contract with bonuses that could push the contract to 3million. However, Nagy has been called on a balk, as he has notified the Senators that he will not be signing with Ottawa this morning. It appears he got a better offer from another Eastern Confrence team, close to what Demitra got with Vancouver.

It appears that talks Mezzy have turned a tad stale. Andrej wont budge on the 4 million per long term. Murray is willing to spend 3.5 as speculated. There can be common ground and I do expect a deal to be done, but as of now, its a test of wills.

As for Vermette, aprox 10 teams have inquired about the flashy forward, but murray has not received anyone of real interest. All his counter offers have been rejected as far as I know. Including a perposed deal with Chicago which features either Barker or Sopel.

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