Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wipeout = Best show ever

I dont think I've laughed so hard at people falling off of giant red balls or getting punched in the face by a wall ever in my life. The writers are genius!
As for the day, lets put it like this... I'm talking about wipeout for christ sake.

I'm hearing as of now the deal is as follows, Neil + for Barker. Vermette could go elsewhere, as someone else (who wanted to offer a sheet) has stepped into the mix. Hint, west coast, Rockies, nude beaches ;). But no word on who's comming back.
I would LOVE for Kessler or Bernier, and either are possible given Ellis at the helm, however.... are either likely? I dont know. Its pure speculation as to who would come back if a deal is made. However, Van City has officially tabled an offer to Ottawa.

--- Update :1:40am
Schedule comming out tomorrow....
Vancouver very much in the running for Vermette I've been told... who is the hot comodity as of right now. A bunch of teams have called about his availablity, but the asking price is high. Murray knows hes dealing from a weak point with Vermette due to the trade request, BUT, he is not going to give him away for peanuts. LA is creaping back into the mix, but only so slightly.... and no, just becasuse a Murray is going to LA does not mean that a deal is going to get done.

Right now, Chicago, Vancouver, LA and Detroit have all made serious inquries for Vermette.
Its going to be a great week Sens Fans...

Keep on checking back for updates... its late, I'm off to bed.

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