Sunday, July 13, 2008

This is insanely bizzare.

TSN's only source is that in london ontario. AChannel.
I have no clue what to beleive right now. This is because there are sources that are still telling me to "wait it out... things will become clear soon enough." But I have a feeling that Williams has pulled a Nylander to Edm. TSN, with writers I respect completely, is only using this as a speculation. I will not beleive it untill its concrete.

As for Chicago and Ottawa trade talks.... they are still strong. However, I've had very little conversation about such a deal due to what I want to call a cluster-f*** of a situatoin with Williams.

For one, I want to see this resolved one way or another, Sens Fans and their writers deserve some finallity.
We're in LIMBO!!!!!

A-Channel London not ansering phone calls... No concrete source from TSN, No Associated Press release, and a Post on TSN website by a staffer... We have officially opened Williams-Gate. This could be the most interesting situation I've EVER incountered in hockey, including when I got ejected in a Game (played in Quebec) when I was a young 15 yearold in the Cumberland/Orleans Minor Hockey Association.... Thats a story.... but i'll save that for another slow day. lol

Vermette talks are ongoing. Chicago is hot and heavy for the kid. A package has been put together... Murray's are mulling it over, as well as an offer from LA, and one from Detroit.

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