Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lunch... mmmmmmm

---- Lunchtime Update!I just checked the mail and cellphone, and it looks like Murray is also trying to weigh a possible deal with Florida, against the deal he was working on with Chicago. Jay Bouwmeester was targeted a few weeks ago, and rumors keep on creeping up... this one though, has legs.It seems that Murray is doing his due dilligence to find the best fit and the best deal for ottawa, and although he's driving us writers, and fans alike, insane with this posturing, he has the best interest of the team at heart. If he can swing a favourable deal for Bouwmeester, I'd expect him to do so at the expense of a deal for Barker.


Pablo said...

Sens bloggers have gone real quiet in the past 24 hours...which probably means something will actually get done today.

Colin said...

no kidding, take about get blue balls ahahah

Cap'n' Clutch said...

It gets tiring sometimes when you think something's imminent and then nothing for days and then another rumour and so on and so on. I love hearing the inside scoop it's just tiring sometimes.