Wednesday, July 9, 2008


For my first post, I'll just get this shit out in the open.

I dont have an E system. Nor will I ever... (E5)

I report what i hear and what I hear only. A rumour is exactly that, a rumour. I'm not nieve to think that I have some super human power that has been given to me by god in which people are drawn to tell me things. I know that I've been and will be used as a marketing and neg. tool, or maybe someone wants to just get something off their chest... thats for them to know, and me to find out.

As for what I'm hearing,

Demitra saying "Vancouver is my #1 choice" was a smart play by his management team. By doing so, they raised the going price from around 3.5- 4 million/anum. Ottawa is in play, and could be the front runners do to the lack of secondary scoring.

Andrej has been tendered an offer by Ottawa, and another team, both similar, just differing by years. Ottawa will match any offer under 5 million a year. Anything more, Murray will love the pics to use as future tools. hint hint to the team offering the sheet.... the first rounder would be one WELL worth keeping if everything falls into place.

Vermette is on the block, an impending RFA (rfa next summer) forward could be comming the other way from a Western Team.

Response to Eklund: "Boyle's comment on the Thrashers..Last year many comparisons between Boyle and Brian Campbell were made. While I don't dispute that Boyle was wrongly pushed into a corner by Tampa who threatened to waive him if he didn't waive his NTC (does anyone believe that bluff for a second, btw, I mean look what they got for Boyle) I want to draw this comparison in the two players.Brian Campbell: Personally calls Atlanta to thank them for the offer after accepting his offer to Chicago.Dan Boyle: Compares being waived and picked up by Atlanta to pretty much a nightmare..."

------- Stop trying to paint Boyle in a bad light. Do you blame him for not wanting to go there? Atlanta needs to make some serious moves in which to get better and get better quickly. Kovy is no Ovechkin. You can build a team around him, but dont expect him to be the saving grace. I dont mind Boyles comments, if anything they point out what players think of Atlanta.... and what Atlanta needs to do to get on the right track. Stop playin Politics Ek.

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