Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh, the mystery the night brings...

I've been reporting this for a few days now, and they wont seem to go away. The Barker, (and now Skille) to Ottawa has increased in its likelyhood. In fact, I'm told that Barker has on Murrays list for a while now, and had inquired a few times about the budding defenceman. Chicago has been somewhat unimpressed with his performance thus far, but we can all agree that the young blueliner had picked up his game in latter part of last year. As well, with Keith stepping it up, Barker has become expendable. The logical return for that package would be Vermette, but as you will read later on, the most likely is Neil.

As for the possiblity of a Threeway.... ha... had too..
There is no direct connection to ottawa and la la land... although interest has been noted and an offer tabled... LA is not prepared to deal assets Murray wanted in return. If they are to land Vermette, it will be becase he was flipped to another team for LESS then was Murray wanted to begin with.

Ottawa on the other hand has a huge issue with Meszaros. He is commanding 4 million a year as previously stated, but can the sens fit him long term at that figure? Will he sign at 3.5 longterm? I've been told that Murray has held steady on that number and that its a test of wills to see who breaks. The last thing that Murray wants to do is deal the young blueliner. He has shown in his rookie year that he has the skillset to be an elite defenceman, and feels that his progression was only hindered by the lack of confidence stemming from two average (at best) seasons.

Vermette is also a complex situation and despite comments made by the ottawa sun writer, my sources are still steadfast on the fact that Vermette wants to be delt. As mentioned before, Chicago wants Vermette. It could be possible that the package discussed above is for Vermette, but at the contract he wants, does not solve Chicago's cap issues. This makes package for Neil rumor make more sence for Chicago.

------ So I bid you all adieu for the night. I work at my money makeing job tomorrow, but I shall have my HTC Touch right next to me at all times, ready to post whatever it is that I hear for you. This week is shaping up to be a good one.... Who said there was going to be a lull.


Dale Sanger said...


Just a way off topic question. Can you get good deals on the HTC Touch?

I had one, but I lost it (grr) and want to replace it.

mattlef said...

Sorry Dale, I had to pay for mine like eveyone else lol, out of my own pocket too lol...
Check or Ebay but be very carefull of scammers on kijiji

Dale Sanger said...

Well that sucks :D

Mine fell out of the case while I was riding my motorcycle (I usually put it in my Jacket pocket, but forgot)

I have a lovely case and a Car Charger and Wall Charger, but no phone :(