Wednesday, July 16, 2008

From Hollywood hills.....

One thing really makes me wonder.
If I was to write something as outlandish as Kopitar to Chicago.... would I get a steady job with the Sun too? Because if thats the case, I'll jump right on that bandwaggon of horrible deals an propsals in a second.

Here is the real news per what has been told to me this morning.
Is Los Angles involved again with a three way deal? Yes.
But will it include Kopitar? No.... the most likely name to be included on LA's side are either Patrick O'Sullivan or Alex Frolov.

IF LA is going to be a part of any deal, it will be to obsorb the cap hit of Khabibulin. This is where the Three Way gets a goin'. Ottawa then could take the cap hit of Khabibulin off of LA's hands in exchange for "Gerber and another weak contract"

As for Ottawa and Chicago, Ottawa is still rumored to be deep in discussions for Barker (+) for Neil (+).

However, Vancouver is rumored as well to have put forward a strong offer for Vermette... in the shape of a talented aggitator in Kessler.
Update: This deal is really picking up traction. This move would be fantastic for ottawa. They pick up a cheaper player in Kessler who has a similar skillset to vermette (sans super soft hands) and a whole lot of sandpaper for infront of the net on the powerplay, all for a cap savings of around 1.25-1.75 a year. IF this deal goes through, its a precursor to a major deal or signing
Meszaros and Murray are at an impasse... a canyon worth about half a million a year, in a long term deal. Can they overcome this gap? Yes they will.. Meszaros will be in a senators uniform this comming camp UNLESS a offer floors Murray to the point he gets a far superiour player in return.

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