Monday, July 14, 2008

Lee.... Nope

Sources say Lee wont be moved.... Sportsnet mix up is ages old.

Phones, email have been going insane for the past hour, then nothing... silence.
Calm before the storm? I dont know, maybe a supper break lol.
Barker's name is still being mentioned.... Murray wants Barker, period.
Skille is still being mentioned as well, but at what expense? Who from Chicago or LA would replace Vermettes offensive output if delt? Who would replace Neils heart and leadership in the room if delt?

However, i'm sure that if the right package was put together, that Murray would feel that he could improve the team not only now but in the future, he would not hesitate to pull the trigger on a deal involving Lee, i assure you.

I for one, am, however going to take a supper break... and will get back to you if ANYTHING of interest comes our way...

Hopefully for my sake, a deal gets done after my steak.

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