Monday, July 14, 2008

Game Over Willie

Who is really to say what happened, or what is going on at this moment.
All i know is that Don Waddell is stating he has signed the Winger to a one year, 2.2million contract. However, here is when one needs to step back and evaluate what really went on behind the scenes. Is it fair to call Williams greedy? I dont know yet. Selfish? Maybe, but in the end, he selected more money, from a weaker team. Maybe he expected to sign next year for bigger money?
The thing is this, the deal was done, in principle, awaiting the league stamp of approval on friday, this we know. What we dont know is where everything went wrong and how. Personally I dont expect to find out any time soon if it was a mistake on the Senators end, (although I doubt it was.)
Ottawa was Nylander'ed
I'll get into more depth later, about everything going on with Neil and Vermette.

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