Monday, July 14, 2008

Thoughts on Emery Interview

I cant beleive what I just saw and heard.

There is something dramatically different from Ray, something that tells me, he's made massive changes in his life. He gave away those changes. I'm not going to repeat things that have been said, rumors and such, but its all well known that Ray had his share of personal issues and rumor demons. I pray for his sake, and future that they have been slayed. He says that he wants to become a better person, and I beleive that he will. Ray Emery has all the talent in the world, and if he lets these personaly demons creap back into his life, he will never realize his potential.

There are many Ottawa fans who, are ready, or were ready to ship him out of town. Sports writers licking their lips for his next mistake, his next slip up because its makes for a great story. We as writers also need to be held accountable in a way for adding to his downfall. We stroked his ego when the team was winning and made him the villian when he was stuggling with habbits and personal issues.

I applaud Mike Landsberg for his questions. I beleive, subtly, he let Ray apologize and admit what he wanted to. I'm glad someone actually had the balls to ask the drug question. I'm glad Ray is making personal change.

All the best Ray, I hope the russian women treat you well, and that you get back into the NHL soon.

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sexodus said...

The black man in a white mans game question was kinda lame.

The rest was good.