Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday's Hungover update

You know one of those mornings, when you wake up and swear to yourself that you will never do another Jager Bomb? Thats me right now....

As for the Senators news, it looks like Mezy is still mulling over what to do. Its obvious that he knows that he has a lot to prove this year. Mark my words, He is not going anywhere. Murray knows that Andrej has a massive upside. You dont have such an incredable rookie year by accident. The kid can outright play. He will be in ottawa red this comming year, in the top 4.

I can tell you that Chicago has called about Vermette. I'm not sure about how serious they are about landing him however.

Looks like Demitra has gone to Vancouver, no terms announced as of yet. I'll try to find out where the Snag was on Murrays end. I have a feeling its contract leignth.
---------- It looks like it was exatly that Murray wanted a short term contract 1-2 years at around 3/per. It appears Demitra has signed for 3 year 12 million. Does this mean that when Gaborik is a UFA next year, that hes going to Vancouver?

4:12 PM: - I'm a little late reporting this, as I litterally just read the Sun online, and I'm sure all of you already know about the courting of Bell. I'm not so sure that this makes the team better at all. I know that he's an ex 67, but that alone doesnt fit our needs unless its a deal specifically for shoring up the D line in Bingo. I actually had not heard of this till now, so who knows.
- I for one am happy that BM didn't overpay for Demitra, I assumed that 3-3.5 would be fair market value, and the ottawa offer is what stalled the initial deal with Vancouver. Obviously Vancouver needed to make a splash, and have, in a way... I wish Demitra the best of luck.
- Ottawa - Chicago talks on going. Rosters players other then Vermette being talked about. Names I just got Text'd to me was "Sopel or Wisniewski. But Ottawa wants Barker, baddly."


Mullan32 said...

Shoutout to 'The' Silvercup ;)

Also I guess you cant name names of who the RFA was in your post yesterday that would be involved in the trade for Vermette?

mattlef said...

my only issue is that, with the contacts I have, I cant release anything untill i have the okay in which to do so. That being said, its an eligible RFA (next year) from the western confrence. That'll somewhat narrow the search a bit.