Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh What a night

On the eve of what we in the industry are touting the most complicated deal in Senators history, my power goes out. It did not return untill aprox 3am... a tad to late to do this update.

I've been working on this one for a few days now, and although some information was admittedly rushed by some sources, a deal is still in the works between Ottawa and Chicago.
Murray and Tallon have both denied highway robbery rumor, not that a deal is in the works that fits both teams needs. I dismissed the outlandish Kopitar deal at the very begining, because I doubt LA would be ever trade a budding star. However, that does not mean tha LA is still not somewhat involved in trade talks. This is as they are ready to pick up the scraps left at the table to give some sort of cap relief to those teams involved that need it.

Murray knows he is dealing with a very tough situation right now. Meszaros is threatening to leave in a game of salary chicken, to see who jumps out of the way first and just relents. Vermette is playing hardball, because he feels like he could be more productive elsewhere and thus wants to leave to do so.

One of those players will be delt in the comming days. I have my money on Vermette to Vancouver, as stated earlier as talks are still ongoing surrounding Kessler.

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