Thursday, July 10, 2008

show me, the minors!

Ottawa to Announce 2 Signings tomorrow. JC's on fire, you all know his blog.

Brendan Bell to Sign 1 year 750,000 2way contract (numbers I've been given)

Mitch O'Keefe is gonna sign the entry level contract (obviously).
- note about the kid, he is positionally sound and uses his frame VERY well, and he has great foot speed. his biggest knock is consistancy, but he has the tools to be a starter in the league at some point if he reaches his potential.

Ottawa is VERY close with a western top six UFA forward, and could mean we might have three signings announced tomorrow..... He played for a Cali team last season but was out of the lineup quite a bit.


Mullan32 said...

I love the blog good idea and I like the fact its a) All Ottawa news and b) Not on Hockeybuzz (although they may want to hire you if they find this)

mattlef said...

Ah, the grail of internet hockey gossip lol. I once thought about it, but to be honest, my dream is to not go to another blog, but actually to work for TSN or for the League. So Eklund, if you're reading lol, We tried it about a year ago, didnt pan out. but i wish you the best of luck bud

Queens Boulevard said...

Hello, Ladislav Nagy?