Monday, November 3, 2008

Mats in red and deal in the works to make space

TSN is reporting that Ottawa is still in the mix for Mats. True. However, to make this feasable, at least 4 million on cap space would need to be cleared to afford the rumored salary, as well as leaving a buffer for callups and something down the road.

The names I hear being activly shopped are of course Gerber, but not as obvious is Kelly...
Chris has played his role well, but at the 2.125/amun could find his way out of Ottawa. Another player would is rumored to be shopped (for the right return) is Brian Lee along with a package, but ottawa would want a proven puck moving defenseman.... Florida is rumored to be interested.

And I know you guys are gonna get pissy but the Chicago rumors will not die down.... but with Sundin now officially in the mix, its a game of pick your poison.... keep gerber and get sundin, or loose gerber, get habby but loose sundin....

What would you do?

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Radio said...

Loose = My pants are too big, so they are loose on me.

Lose = I don't want to lose my job to Auld, so I better win tonight.