Monday, September 29, 2008

Its been a while... Reasoning and Bulin

Hey everyone.
I know its been a while since i've last been able to post. No, its not because of school or work or anything like that. I've been fighting a cease and decist order that came as a result of news past along in this blog. The reasoning I was issued this order was due to possible "character defimation" of the accusing party who shall remain nameless due to legal reasons.

On to the fun stuff.
Its been one hell of a fun off season, and like most I was happy to see the Meszaros situation resolved and I am elated with the return as a fan.

However, on to the news. Ottawa could make a pitch for Bulin IF he is to come back on re-entry waivers, thus forcing Chicago to take on half of that 6.5million dollar salary.

Winchester looks to be a lock for the top six due to his work ethic, and management loves the kid, and although he is starting the season on the 2nd line, he will be moved up to the first to play with Spezza and Heater, moving Alfie down to spread out the offence.

Its good to be back...

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